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coupling electical + pneumatic


Multimedia coupling (electrical + pneumatic)

The STARK media coupling with the combination of pneumatics and electrics was specially developed for automation. During this process particular attention was paid to reliability. The coupling can be used in combination with all STARK zero point clamping systems. An automatically extending, integrated clearing nozzle keeps the contacts clean.
A special seal ensures the reliable transfer of all media in harsh everyday conditions.

  • Electrical and pneumatic coupling with clearing device
  • Extremely small space envelope
  • IP67 (coupled)
  • Can be combined with all STARK zero point clamping systems

coupling (hydraulic + pneumatic)


Multimedia coupling (hydraulic + pneumatic)

If several lines are to be coupled and uncoupled again at the same time, this solution represents an enormous simplification. STARK is also setting new standards in relation to reliability here! The coupling, which can be configured as required by the customer (number of lines and nominal sizes), is equipped with the SPEEDY easy click. This feature makes it possible to safeguard the connections via the machine controller or the unit used.

Only if the related enable has been provided is it possible to remove the manual coupling from the parking station. Coupling is then undertaken by simply pushing into place – the SPEEDY easy click engages. And only if the enable to uncouple has been given (e.g. only once all lines are depressurised) is the SPEEDY easy click supplied with the release pressure. The actual release process, the uncoupling, is undertaken conveniently using a button. It could not be more straightforward and more reliable.

  • One coupling process for all media by SPEEDY easy clicktime saving
  • A safety function can be integrated in the actuation of the SPEEDY easy click (enable for coupling by controller, polling coupling parking station).
  • Tidy hose connections – no mix ups
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